Why You Should Try Telegram: Features & Advantages

Many users immediately have a question: “How to gain Telegram members?”. People visit the channel in order to receive entertaining and useful content. To make great content, the developers have implemented many useful features that will be discussed below.


  • Telegram features
  • Free distribution and OpenSource
  • No limits and support
  • The main features of Telegram
  • Application features
  • Conclusion

Telegram features

The messenger was launched in 2013 and is becoming more and more popular every year. Bloggers are developing along with the application, forming a development strategy, determining the best time to promote on Telegram, etc. Among the main features of the messenger, there are: server spread, high data transfer speed, no limits, storage of information on a cloud server.

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Free Distribution and OpenSource

OpenSource is a unique feature that allows making changes to the program code by oneself. Therefore, the versions are usually updated by the work of enthusiasts. The developers made the application completely free due to the big investments made at the start of the project. All stickers are free, and to add them just download the pack from the Internet.

No limits and support

Pavel Durov did not introduce restrictions on the number of sent messages, regardless of their content (pictures, documents or music). Messenger support received good reviews from users because of solving problems quickly. Also, the developers have their own page that publishes immediate plans on the modernization of the project.

The main features of Telegram

Telegram has an intuitive user interface, multilanguaging and excellent service support. The developers used a unique encryption system, preventing the cases of “potentially stolen” data.

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Application features

  1. Bots – by using smart bots, stickers and virtual keyboards are created, automatic sending of audio and video files is available
  2. Secret chat – information posted in a secret chat cannot be distributed. Forwarding text messages is prohibited, data is deleted in a while
  3. Video can be watched without leaving the chat
  4. The user can export the content they like to their channel or to another social network
  5. Deletion on timer – in a certain time, all information gets deleted. The interval is set manually, from 2 seconds to a week


Telegram offers great opportunities for the development of your own channel, but the quality of content remains at the forefront. If you publish interesting and useful articles on your channel, then you will certainly find your audience.