Using Telegram Means Being Trendy

Telegram is the brightest and most ambitious messenger in the world. It has been experiencing rapid growth during 6 years not “due” but “despite” the administrative bans, blocks and sanctions. The audience of this independent international network since the first test version that appeared in 2013 has passed far over 200 million. More than 300,000 members are added on Telegram daily. Pavel Durov managed to create a worldwide network that guarantees confidentiality of personal data to each user.


  • A cool channel is the path to prosperity
  • The bigger, the better
  • An SMM professional for yourself
  • There is a better way
  • The best messenger in the world
  • There are plenty of advantages

A cool channel is the path to prosperity

Unlike similar applications, Telegram allows not only to communicate with friends, send messages and pictures, but also to lead your channel, earning on it.

Success mostly depends on interesting content and understanding what works here and how. It is especially difficult for the beginners, who, after having created the interface of their channel, hardly gain the first ten followers. They have no ideas, no knowledge how to increase Telegram group members, at least the first 500 people.

The bigger, the better

The larger is the audience, the wider are the opportunities for monetization. Channels having 15,000 – 20,000 members charge from 2000 rubles for advertising. It is not difficult to calculate how much you can earn per month at such rates, having a “heated” group.

The question is, where to get so many people from? However, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel in order to fill the group with the live followers. There are plenty of free and paid ways to promote it.

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An SMM professional for yourself

As a rule, all the newcomers start to “sail” around Telegram on their own. They invite friends from their address book, advertise their channels on all Internet resources, day after day they make new posts and look for the partners for mutual PR.

These simple actions are absolutely correct, but so tedious! And what is most important, in six months the number of members is unlikely to exceed one hundred.

There is a better way

Yes there is one. It is legitimate and highly productive. Using the paid services specializing in growing the target audience is the best way to buy Telegram members. For a small money, you can get your target audience by the specified parameters (country, gender, age, hobbies, etc.). Such well-proven services, such as, for example, ALL-SMM can competently increase the activity in a group, avoiding user complaints and blocking.

The best messenger in the world

In winter of 2015, Durov promised to give $300,000 to anyone who would hack the chat bots Paul and Nick. It was a well-thought-out PR campaign that aimed to show the advantages of the new messenger. Pavel Durov knew that he would not have to pay. And it happened so.

The billionaire programmer has proved himself as a champion of non-disclosure of personal data, for which he gained the trust of millions of new members.

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Too many advantages

Where other social networks are losing, Telegram always wins. Attention should be paid to the three main parameters on which the developers make bets:

• Security and privacy – all data is encrypted by the individual keys and stored in data centers around the world. After the scandals with the disclosure of data on Facebook, this strategy has become particularly relevant.

• Power – there are no restrictions about the activity in the chat rooms, data loading and time of use. The set of tools for business promotion is huge.

• Cloud storage – all information is stored on the remote servers, so you can enter the chat from any device, a smartphone or laptop.

Going to the promoted top-channels of advanced bloggers and admiringly putting likes, you should not forget that they “made” their success in just a few years of Telegram existing. And if they could, anyone can do that.