The Secrets of Creating a Successful Telegram Channel

Telegram is a cross-platform instant messenger, gaining great popularity at the moment. Offering a wide range of options and opportunities to its users, it completely changes the idea of ​​communication in the social networks. According to the last quarter of 2018, the audience of the service was more than 200 million people. This is a very good indicator that turns an application from a banal messenger platform into a powerful tool for promotion and business. Here we will share useful tips on how to free add members to Telegram channel.


• General information
• Instruction on promotion
• Secret 1
• Secret 2
• Secret 3
• Secret 4
• Secret 5

General information

The key feature distinguishing Telegram from other instant messengers is the ability to support communication through the public channels. Allowing the author to share important information with an unlimited number of users, it turns out to be very sensitive and effective means of promotion.

It is different from classic microblogging by:

  • absolute anonymity;
  • non-algorithmic news feed.

In addition, the channels do not presuppose feedback.

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Instruction on promotion

News about Telegram in the Russian media appear from time to time. Some people are convinced that the application has to be blocked and forgotten about. Others are less radical and see the messenger as a good tool for making money. For those users, we have prepared a selection of secrets that will help increase Telegram members.

Secret 1

Decide on the topic. To attract new users, you should offer them interesting and useful news. Consider: in the social network, there are a lot of various channels telling “About everything and about anything”, do not turn into one of them. Make high-quality content, respect your readers.

Secret 2

Do not refuse from mutual PR. Telegram is a relatively young space, and therefore such methods still work here.

Secret 3

Include the channel into the Telegram-directories. This will allow users to find you and to subscribe. Important: in the description, try to specify as many keywords as possible in order to achieve indexation in the search engines.

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Secret 4

Make advertising on popular sites. Yes, this is very costly and time-consuming, but it also turns out to be the most effective. To expand your audience, it is best to use the services of popular bloggers. However, do not rush to ask for help from the top Internet personalities. The thing is that users often refer to advertising on their pages coldly and hostilely. Look for those candidates who do not agree to advertise anything.

Secret 5

Use the automatic promotion services, like ALL-SMM. This option is perfect for the laziest people, as it brings instant results. However, be careful resorting to it. The administration of the application sometimes cleans the profiles from bots, therefore boost them up gradually.

Summarizing all the mentioned above, do not fully rely on one way of promotion. Use them all in a complex, and the results will not keep you waiting.