Is it Possible to Boost Instagram Likes from Computer?

It is possible to get likes on posts not only from a smartphone, but also from a computer. Login to Instagram is allowed also from the official site of the social network, not only using the application. Many Instagram users want to promote their personal pages, and this requires likes and followers. The more likes on Instagram to the post, the higher is the page in the search ranks. The popularity of the account leads to increasing number of views, which for many users is equal to their profit increase. Therefore, Instagram users are looking for convenient ways to boost up likes, not only using a smartphone, but also using a computer.


  • Ways of boosting likes from a computer
  • Sites for likes boost
  • Computer programs for likes boost
  • Other ways of likes boost
  • The benefits of buying likes

Ways of boosting likes from a computer

Getting likes on Instagram posts using a computer is one of the ways to become more popular on the social network. But it is important to remember that the administration of the social network prohibits the likes boost by any means. And as a punishment, it blocks accounts of cheating users without the right to restore them.

A safe and free way to get ratings for personal posts is to search for followers yourself. It is necessary to make interesting posts, invite people to follow you, put likes to other users’ posts and make reposts. And it is important to choose the right audience interested in the post. Otherwise, in a short time, they will unfollow your account. This method of boosting likes, though it’s free, will take a lot of time and effort.

Sites for likes boost

Boost Instagram likes from computer for free is one of the ways to make a page popular. For this go to special sites where you need to perform tasks. Among the tasks there could be putting likes to the posts of other users, writing comments or reposting. For each completed action, you will receive a ‘heart’ to the selected post. But the administration of Instagram permits a fixed number of likes per hour. Therefore, this method will not allow to earn a lot of likes in a short time, even if you want to work without interruption.

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Computer programs for likes boost

In addition to special sites, you can get a large number of likes through computer programs. But the principle of operation is similar. You should send a link to the desired post, and then perform various tasks of the program. There are no differences in the algorithm of work. But you need to install the program first wasting the internal memory of your computer. There is also a high probability of catching a virus, since these programs are often placed on dubious resources.

Other ways of likes boost

The most effective and fastest way to promote your personal Instagram page is to buy followers through a special service. This ensures a live audience that will put likes and comment your posts. It will take less time to pay for followers than to boost Instagram likes from computer or smartphone. Plus, there is no need to go to dubious sites and download unknown programs.

The benefits of buying likes

Buying a certain number of followers significantly saves your time, and owners of business accounts save money. The purchase provides real online readers, not bots. When paying, there is no need to gain likes and followers for hours. In addition, the followers will like the posts, and therefore, the administration will not have any questions about numerous likes that appeared from nowhere.