How to Bring your Instagram Account to Top

Any person subconsciously has a desire to show himself to the world and to become famous. Nowadays this wish is disguised as a desire to develop business, find new customers, advertisers, or just see thousands of likes when opening Instagram. It doesn’t matter what goal you have, but reaching TOP of one of the most popular social networks seems real, indeed!


  • Choose the best way: paid or free?
  • Special services
  • Sponsorship in contests
  • Buying advertising
  • Other ways of attracting attention

Choose the best option: paid or free?

We know the stories of bloggers who spent a long time on their quite ordinary pages and in a second just ‘fired out‘ with some post or video. The material was commented or reposted by someone famous, and the whole world learned about this user. But this a rare case. Most often, a person writes interesting texts, adds beautiful photos, but there is no result, or the number of followers and likes is growing very slowly.

You can acquire audience either in a natural way or pay for it. In the first case, you need to spend a lot of time on your account, publish posts regularly and be prepared for a slow audience growth. But consider that every day there are new accounts appearing, and their owners prefer paid promotion, which increases likes instantly, and new Instagram followers top 10 is getting further from those promoting for free. While you save money and try hard, others have already become famous and have started earning! Therefore, today we will consider paid promotion methods that will help to boost your account’s rating and increase engagement on Instagram.

Special services

When the user visits a page, the first thing he pays attention to is not even a photo or beautiful posts, but a number of followers. If there are many, a person with high probability will also become a follower. But what if a few people read you? You can buy social media followers through special programs and services. The cheapest are the bots, i.e. fake accounts creating mass. Plus the fact that in 2-3 days you can boost up about 5,000 of these ‘followers’. The disadvantage is in the lack of their activity. Bots cannot comment, and the number of likes will not match the number of followers. But you can order the attraction of ‘real’ users. It is more expensive, but ways more efficient.

The main advantage of paid services is a guaranteed increase in the number of followers. Even bots will give your account solidity, attracting the attention of ‘real’ followers.

Sponsorship in contests

Investments will help you to become a sponsor of one of the contests, a mandatory participation in which will be following your account. This is a good way to quickly reach the audience. But the problem is to keep it. When the contest is over, many will unfollow you. You will need a constant work on the content and staying interesting for not losing your followers.

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Buying advertising

You can buy advertising from Instagram itself or from popular bloggers who will mention your account in a post or a story. Here the main point is to find a blogger with the target audience you need, and he should be able to advertise a product, service or person so well that it will raise interest. The advantage is in a wide coverage of followers, and the disadvantage is in unpredictability, because there is no way to predict the result.

Other ways of attracting attention

A few words about the techniques that will help to attract the attention of more people:

  • tags and geolocation;
  • likes and comments, mentioning by famous bloggers;
  • beautiful photos (including a bright profile photo);
  • provocative posts;
  • coverage of current events, news;
  • reposting material to other platforms and social networks.

And what’s most important – regularity! If you decide to promote your account, do it on a daily basis to constantly be in the category of recommended posts and accounts. And getting to TOP is just around the corner!