Creating Your Own Telegram Stickers

Creating your own stickers can cross one’s mind when thinking how to promote a new Telegram channel. Of course, in many social networks there is the chance to use unique stickers, but only on Telegram anyone can make their own ones.


  • Creating your own stickers
  • How to make your own stickers
  • How to use stickers
  • Benefits of creating your own stickers
  • Ideas

Creating your own stickers

Stickers play the same role as emojis and emoticons. People use them in chats and personal correspondence to express emotions, mood, etc. The advantage of stickers is that you can put absolutely any picture or text there. It could be even your own picture. Besides, your channel can also have its own stickers made in a certain style. Then the question of how and where to promote Telegram channel will be easy to answer. This can be done by the users themselves by sending stickers from your channel to each other.

How to make your own stickers

There are no restrictions on creating stickers, but keep in mind that you need to upload them to the application in a size not exceeding 512 by 512. In addition, the picture size should not exceed 350 kilobytes. You can make stickers in Photoshop or in any other graphics editor. To publish your set, use a special bot (@Stickers). Further at each stage it will give you prompts.

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How to use stickers

Before finally adding the set, the bot will offer coming up with a name for it in the form of a short link. It can be sent to friends, colleagues and published on the channel. After adding stickers, each user will be able to use them.

The benefits of creating your own stickers

The advantages are obvious. In your stickers, you can always depict exactly the emotion that you would like to express. You can use your own images, embed your friends and their favorite phrases in stickers. If you make stickers for a large audience, then you can use your channel’s chips when creating pictures. If you have your own company, then illustrators can help express all the specifics of your brand in stickers. In addition, it helps promote the Telegram channel. Users will add your set to themselves and use stickers in personal correspondence and chats, increasing the audience of your channel.

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It all depends on your goal. If you want to create stickers for personal communication, you can add photos of your friends with the texts with their favorite phrases. If you create a set for the channel, then stickers should be similar to its topic.

Obviously, the creation of stickers on Telegram has many advantages. In other social networks, you can express emotions only with other people’s illustrations and pictures. Here you can create your own unique content, which, in addition to all the mentioned above, will help promote your channel.