8 Tips on How to Manage a Telegram Channel

Telegram appeared there not that long ago, but it has already managed to gain significant popularity. Every day, millions of people use the messenger, and it attracts users by the speed of its work. Telegram combines both a social network and an instant messenger, so many people who run their channel are trying to buy real Telegram members. However, in order to get a constant influx of visitors, it is not necessary to boost up members; you just have to keep the high quality of the channel.

• Tips on channel management
• Do not get distracted from the subject of the channel
• Do not try to impose your opinion
• Frequent posts are not always good
• Heating interest in the channel
• Sorting ads
• No long posts
• Beautiful design of the posts
• Watching your audience

Tips on channel management

To keep the audience and understand how to add Telegram group members without using cheat methods, one should know the rules of the channel maintenance. Today’s tips will teach you.

Do not get distracted from the subject of the channel

If your channel is dedicated, for example, to cars, then do not post photos of cats and dogs in the feed. People follow you because they are interested in the subject of cars, so they would like to get the high-quality content on the subject.

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Do not try to impose your opinion

You can share your opinion and express your position about something only if it is related to the topic of the channel. But do not share your words as being a rule. Many users may think differently, be on the opposite side, they will unsubscribe because of that.

Frequent posts are not always good

It is optimal to post 2-3 news per day. If you constantly post something new, then push notifications will be seen by members very often, which may cause them to unsubscribe. Just imagine that a person can be a member of 20-30 such communities.

Heating interest in the channel

Very often, one can observe the channels attracting with their unique content, and then they just “collapse” (start reposting, etc.). Therefore, be careful about the quality and uniqueness of posts, show something new and interesting.

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Sorting ads

When you decide to advertise on the channel, be sure to select the thematic creatives. If you have a community about kids’ education, ads of radiators will not work here. Also, do not make false advertising (e.g. pills for losing 40 kg in 2 days, etc.).

No long posts

Try to make capacious and easy to understand posts. People can read encyclopedias in the library. In case of an extensive topic, it is better to use formatting.

Beautiful design of the posts

Make “live” posts, using hashtags, emojis when writing. Attach gifs, videos, and unique pictures to the posts. With regards to the latter, it is better to issue them yourself, especially now there are many applications allowing to edit them on the phone.

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Watching your audience

You can track the interest of the audience through the “Amplifer” or any other similar service. In other words, it is necessary to clean the Telegram channel from the “dogs” from time to time. Inactive people are detrimental to the community performance. Simply, if a person comes and sees that you have 10,000 members, and there are only 2 comments under the posts, 1 of which is yours, they will not want to subscribe. Also conduct surveys to identify active people.

To promote the channel, you can resort to the mutual PR, having previously agreed with the owner of another community. In any case, user activity will depend on the quality of content, so do your best and people will join themselves.