The Secrets of Creating a Successful Telegram Channel

Telegram is a cross-platform instant messenger, gaining great popularity at the moment. Offering a wide range of options and opportunities to its users, it completely changes the idea of ​​communication in the social networks. According to the last quarter of 2018, the audience of the service was more than 200 million people. This is a very good indicator that turns an application from a banal messenger platform into a powerful tool for promotion and business. Here we will share useful tips on how to free add members to Telegram channel.


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Creating Your Own Telegram Stickers

Creating your own stickers can cross one’s mind when thinking how to promote a new Telegram channel. Of course, in many social networks there is the chance to use unique stickers, but only on Telegram anyone can make their own ones.


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  • How to make your own stickers
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Creating your own stickers

Stickers play the same role as emojis and emoticons. People use them in chats and personal correspondence to express emotions, mood, etc. The advantage of stickers is that you can put absolutely any picture or text there. It could be even your own picture. Besides, your channel can also have its own stickers made in a certain style. Then the question of how and where to promote Telegram channel will be easy to answer. This can be done by the users themselves by sending stickers from your channel to each other. read more

Why You Should Try Telegram: Features & Advantages

Many users immediately have a question: “How to gain Telegram members?”. People visit the channel in order to receive entertaining and useful content. To make great content, the developers have implemented many useful features that will be discussed below.


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Telegram features

The messenger was launched in 2013 and is becoming more and more popular every year. Bloggers are developing along with the application, forming a development strategy, determining the best time to promote on Telegram, etc. Among the main features of the messenger, there are: server spread, high data transfer speed, no limits, storage of information on a cloud server. read more

8 Tips on How to Manage a Telegram Channel

Telegram appeared there not that long ago, but it has already managed to gain significant popularity. Every day, millions of people use the messenger, and it attracts users by the speed of its work. Telegram combines both a social network and an instant messenger, so many people who run their channel are trying to buy real Telegram members. However, in order to get a constant influx of visitors, it is not necessary to boost up members; you just have to keep the high quality of the channel.

• Tips on channel management
• Do not get distracted from the subject of the channel
• Do not try to impose your opinion
• Frequent posts are not always good
• Heating interest in the channel
• Sorting ads
• No long posts
• Beautiful design of the posts
• Watching your audience read more

Using Telegram Means Being Trendy

Telegram is the brightest and most ambitious messenger in the world. It has been experiencing rapid growth during 6 years not “due” but “despite” the administrative bans, blocks and sanctions. The audience of this independent international network since the first test version that appeared in 2013 has passed far over 200 million. More than 300,000 members are added on Telegram daily. Pavel Durov managed to create a worldwide network that guarantees confidentiality of personal data to each user. read more

Is it Possible to Boost Instagram Likes from Computer?

It is possible to get likes on posts not only from a smartphone, but also from a computer. Login to Instagram is allowed also from the official site of the social network, not only using the application. Many Instagram users want to promote their personal pages, and this requires likes and followers. The more likes on Instagram to the post, the higher is the page in the search ranks. The popularity of the account leads to increasing number of views, which for many users is equal to their profit increase. Therefore, Instagram users are looking for convenient ways to boost up likes, not only using a smartphone, but also using a computer.

How to Boost Instagram Likes on Computer

Nowadays the topic of likes is acute. A new blogger or business page owner thinks about how to gather a bigger audience and become popular. Instagram likes boost on computer is the most convenient way as it gives you numerous opportunities. To save your time and not to spend days at the PC, you can get likes on Instagram for a certain sum on different exchanges. Other ways of boost on computer are analyzed below.